DOWA Electronics Materials Co. LTD.

DOWA Group was founded in 1884 at Kosaka Mine, Akita. Harnessing its technologies and operation experiences in mining and smelting, our Group today operates unique recycling-oriented businesses that range extensively from the production of metal and high value-added products to waste treatment and recycling.


Using the customer’s idea and Quartz that we processed with a certain technique, we can create the experimental device and other various kinds of parts.

EpiQuest, Inc.

EpiQuest is a leading supplier of the most advanced type MBE system and MOCVD system for R&D purpose. We will exhibit MOCVD systems, MBE systems, HVPE systems, and K-Cells.

Evans Analytical Group Nano Science Corporation

Evans Analytical Group is the leading global provider of surface analysis and materials characterization services. EAG’s expertise in surface analysis, composition and contamination measurement, trace elemental analysis and microscopy can help you and your company meet your goals, no matter what high technology industry you work in.


FLOSFIA INC. is revolutionizing wide band gap power electronics. Utilizing breakthrough in material processing and devices of new band gap semiconductor Ga2O3, FLOSFIA’s power devices can potentially eliminate up to 99% of electric conversion losses.

Fujikin Incorporated

With “Exceeding the Ultimate in Technology” as one of our core values, Fujikin has not only acquired a reputation as a leading manufacturer of specialized valves in semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, and nuclear power, but has also become renowned as an R&D-based manufacturer of precision valves and ultra-precise electronic flow control systems.


As a world top-level scientific instrument maker, JEOL Ltd. has been providing useful product line-ups and optimal total solutions not only in wide research and application fields such as nanotechnology-related fields, biotechnology-related fields, ecology-related fields, and life science-related fields, but also for product development, quality control, and manufacturing lines in clinical fields and industrial fields by utilizing its technical capabilities.

Lasertec Corporation

This is the world’s first microscope that integrates optical technologies of both confocal scanning laser microscope and full-color confocal microscope in one body. The “hybrid” microscope attains the highest versatility ever. It is good for scratch, bump, contamination and defect inspection.

Novel Crystal Technology, Inc. & TAMURA CORPORATION

Novel Crystal Technology, Inc. and TAMURA CORPORATION started selling Gallium oxide (Ga2O3) epitaxial wafers in October 2015. Ga2O3 epitaxial wafers are formed from Ga2O3 single-crystal substrates and epitaxial layers. Ga2O3 epitaxial wafers are products which are used by device manufacturers to develop devices.

PASCAL Co., Ltd.

We, PASCAL are paying a special attention to a research and development of novel oxides/nitrides and the development of vacuum systems for the PLD/Laser MBE and the Atom Scattering Spectroscopy for the unique surface analysis. The combinatorial method is also a field of us as a leading company in the world.

Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd.

Silvaco “Victory and Atlas”
Silvaco, Inc. is a leading TCAD and EDA provider that delivers a full TCAD-to-Signoff flow for power electronics. Victory and Atlas are device simulators for developing Ga2O3/GaN devices.

SOL Corporation

Tropel FlatMaster provides industry-leading performance of surface form measurements for precision component manufacturers. Its non-contact optical technique records the entire surface in seconds. It accurately measures flatness, line profile, radius and other surface parameters from a variety of surfaces such as ground, lapped, honed, polished, and superfinished components.


Taiyo Nippon Sanso’s Semiconductor production equipment developed based on the company’s gas-handling technologies and ultra-high vacuum technologies proven over the years are highly-rated by our customers world-wide. Taiyo Nippon Sanso will respond with its original technology and contribute to an establishment of energy-conserving and low-carbon society.